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Craig Van De Walker
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I would assume many active crossfitters have elevated CKs from time to time. I don't think being on creatine would do it.

I shudder to think what mine was the first time I did Linda (I did not scale). I literally felt like I was hit in the back by a car. From my neck to my knees felt like a boil. I could hardly sit at my desk, but could hardly stand up either.

In the old days this was used to determine heart damage because it was all we had in the medical toolkit so to speak. It worked because 99% of the population does not do anything vigorous enough to cause muscle damage unless you had a heart attack.

I am not even sure why it is done anymore, there must be a good markup on the test and it must be reimbursed well by ins. and medicare.

The AVERAGE physician is going to be clueless.
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