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Scott - metcon means metabolic conditioning and refers to cardiovascular/cardio respiratory workouts but don't think of them as LSD work (Long Slow Distance) but rather very intense work periods with periodic changes of exercises. As Rx'd means as described in the WOD (Workout Of the Day). If you do the workout as described without lowering the weight or making any other changes you have done it as Rx'd. If you adjust it, if you tailor the workout to your own ability it is called scaling...which is a critical CrossFit component and what allows an Olympic athlete to do the "same" workout as a weekend warrior, a little kid or a grandma. Do not be afraid to scale the workouts, take breaks when you need to, use bands for pullups...just note what you do so you can gauge the improvement for the next time you do that workout.

This board is a tremendous resource for you and you as is the rest of the website. Be sure to read foundations, order the CF Journal and watch the section with the videos on the exercises. Proper form is critical to your safe and proper CF development. Welcome aboard, you'll like it here.
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