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I travel often and the CF approach fits perfectly for me. Meaning anything at high intesity mixing strength, speed, plyo type combinations. Tabata routines work great, pushups/squats/chair dips/walking lunges. Find a school or park for pullup bars, obstacles to vault over, etc.

When I travel, I stop at a Walgreens type store and buy two gallon jugs of spring water, and one 2.5 gallon container if they have one. Now I have two 8 pound dumbells and one 20lber! 89 cents each and maybe $2.50 for the big one. As I drink the spring water I refill the bottles from the tap so I still have my dumbells-as Arthur says, "it's a perfect crime!"

You get really funny looks when you do thrusters with a 2.5 gallon jug. I do what I call a thruster shot, which is like a wall ball shot without the wall. I squat holding the water jug at chest level and as I do the push press I heave the jug as high as I can and catch it on the way down into the next squat. It's harder than it sounds, especially with sweaty hands.

Instead of box jumps, I take a pool lounge chair and jump over it sideways back and forth 20-30 times per set. Find a tree with a couple branches within reach and climb up a ways, drop down and repeat 10 times. Think like a kid and the list becomes endless. Crossfit has made me much more creative.

I am always done with my workouts in less than 30 minutes, as long as we aren't counting the 12 ounce curls that usually follow :gunsmilie:

Nick, thanks for the link for Eva's site, I'll definitely check it out for more BW ideas.

Bill Russell
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