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M&F catching on?

I picked up the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness (yeah, yeah - hear me out with this one) and was interested in reading the large nutrition article as the top thing (followed up with their "cardio for muscle" article that I'll post up in the Fitness area).

They essentially give the finger to the USDA's food pyramid and have made their own inverted pyramid with the focus as:

1.) Protein (5-7 servings a day, 6-8 oz per serving; 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight minimum.)
2.) Veggies (5-7 servings a day)
3.) Healthy Fats (no real indication of limit until you hit the dietary meal planning section, but a focus on having mono- & polyunsaturated fats)
4a.) Whole Grains (yeah, grains are a no-no for paleo in general. However, they do focus staying away from the processed stuff and look at the better versions like brown rice, oats, quinoa, etc)
4b.) Fruit (Kept on the same tier as whole grains, recommended eating in the mornings when glycogen stores are low and pre-workout - but it states not to overdo it and to focus more on the veggies for fiber and antioxidants)
5.) Protein Supplements (Something they say is missing from the original USDA pyramid and also it's harder to get all the protein you need via whole foods due to lack of appetite and protein digesting slower than the times when you should be optimally eating)
6.) Specialty Supplements (Kind of vague here - they admit that. But there are the typical things that people pop/drink like fish oil, creatine, caffeine, etc).
7.) Fast Carbs (Yeah, a big no-no across the board for the standard paleo or for practically any diet. However, their focus is specifically to eat these things beyond a cheat meal and to actually have them as apart of a post-workout food along with some protein.)

More here (WFS):
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