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Re: Best SS + CF hybrid?

I guess "active rest" depends on how demanding your KM classes are. We do a lot of combatives and I go all out on them, and anytime you're going all out, that can't be considered active rest, because it's active activity. If you're able to keep your percieved exersion low enough at KM, then that might be okay... but what you have layed out there is fairly ambitious. I used yoga as my active rest, between SS (AM) and KM (PM), but still kept two strict rest days, each following an SS day, which was when my CNS needed the most recovery.

The more metcon/fight based activities you have programmed, the more your results from SS will be affected negatively. I would drop either a boxing or crossfit day and try to fit in another rest day. Or drop the boxing (or your smallest priority activity) altogether, to return to after you complete a cycle of SS.

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