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Geoff Sample
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Two decent programs for increasing your pullup numbers if you need a daily program are the Recon Ron program which uses a gentle increase in volume over a fairly long time, and the Armstrong Program which uses 5 programmed workouts per week.

The Armstrong link is frequently down, but this has more to do with the site hosting than anything else, but the Recon Ron program seems to work okay. I can describe these programs if you want - they are not magic, but some people really want some kind of structure if they are going to make a daily committment and really make progress from 3-4 pullups up to the 20-30 range. I've used them both at different times (in between I focused on weighted chins), and for me they worked well. I had a problem "greasing the groove" because I can't fit workouts in at work, so my number of sessions was severly limited.

Hope this helps.
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