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Yes, Ross gets it. But the swimmer has been effectively brainwashed. Perhaps because, depending of course on the individual person and events, many swimmers border on the fringe athlete description.

I played water polo througout high school. The sport itself is very CrossFit--sprint 20 yards, wrestle, sprint, throw, wrestle again, and repeat ad nauseum (literally!). Also, all rest is active, since you must tread water to "rest."

But I had to swim in the off-season. The nerve of this guy to call running boring! At least you can hear birds and see trees (as opposed to staring at a black line at the bottom of a pool). In any case, the best swimmers absolutely were not the best water polo athletes. They were good at one specialized aspect of the sport--swimming--but lacked the combination of attributes that makes a good water polo player. Which, of course, brings us squarely back to the CrossFit model--yeah!

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