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Have you had an MRI? I would say it is worth a scope to figure out what kind of tear, how significant, ligament damage, etc.

I tore mine four months ago in jiu jitsu and was able to lay off of it and work my way back into hard squats, oly lifting, but didn't go back to jj, freaked me out. 2 weeks ago I was coming out of the hole on a snatch, (already did 1RM C&J's) knee canted in, sound of knuckles cracking from my knee. Dropped weight, grabbed knee, spiritual Hiroshima. COuldn't extend it, had surgery 9 days later.

I just got out of surgery. I ripped the crap out an already torn left meniscus. A repaired meniscus means crutches/immobilized for month, hopefully 90 deg ROM by wk 8. But doc says if I'm disciplined w/ recovery by the new year I'll only remember the surgery from the scars. I'm young enough (29) where a good surgery now was worth it. If you get it shaved off/removed, recovery is weeks instead of months. But you are at a much higher risk for arthritis down the road.

When going deep on squats and not recruiting the hamstrings, it's not good. Tons of pressure on the knees. You notice when folks just slam down in the hole an bounce up, you can see when someone's not using the hammies. Also when going deep, you have to keep you knees over the toes, a cant in is what broke mine, (along with not getting an MRI early on) The only thing that heals a meniscus is rest. The cartilidge must repair by not being stressed.

Recommend MRI. Suture: Longer to heal, better off in the long run for normal activity.
Shave: SHorter recover, less cartilidge, more risk for arthritis. There's lots of info on line, surgery is VERY common and success depends on attitude, discpline, diet, keeping the rest of your body rocked (ring dips, Muscle ups, presses, dumbells, pullups, back ext, situps)
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