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I think it really depends what you want. I'm 6'3", 225lbs and around 6% BF at age 44, but you would kick my butt because of your no doubt greater speed, flexibility, power/weight ratio, etc. I like being larger, one because I just like it (childhood inadequacies, who knows?!) and because I play ice hockey where being 225lbs of lean mass can come in handy even in none checking.

I have a hard time with self-esteem when my weight starts to fall. After hip surgery, I dropped to 215lbs and I felt like I had shrunk. At an extreme, this type of thinking is a disease: body dysmorphia. However, in a milder form, I consider it a healthy addiction (not all addictions are necessarily bad for you).

Just as I started CF not long ago, I was trying bulk up and got up to around 235lbs and felt bloated. I think your body tells you when it feels right. The key is to have the weight follow the muscle, not the other way around.

I suspect that if you were to do 20 rep squats for 6 months, you'd see more lean mass (if that's what you want).

Hope this helps a bit.
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