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Re: 2017 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

Games web page a bit jacked?

I looked around and didn't see much discussion on this. Is it just me? Seem like everywhere I navigate there is something odd or broken. For example, when I clicked on the link to my team, the link took me to a different team in a completely different state! So then I tried to find the team listed under the score board. Many states, including my own, show no teams at all. Now I suppose it's possible that none of the 175+ affiliates in my state have registered a team yet...but I doubt it. But then I choose the list by Region it shows up there. Then when I click on the profile for my affiliate, it shows no athletes on the roster, which I know isn't right since I'm on it. So then there is a link at the bottom that says, "Team" and clicking on it opens a new browser window to Team Registration team, which says, "Please correct issues and submit again. Athlete is already on a team" odd. not sure what it's even referring to. Ok, now go back the Leaderboard and show all athletes, type in my own name and it doesn't do anything. Ah! so a person can't be a "Individual Men" if you are over the age of 35 apparently. Picking the appropriate age group and there I am. Clicking of my profile takes me to a page that say, "Register for the 2017 Open", but I'm already registered so apparently the site can't tell the difference between a participant that is logged in and someone that isn't and why is the "Register" choice in the middle of the profile information? Weird. odd.

I'm hopeful they will get this all straightened out in the next few weeks.
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