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Re: Testing Fitness and Removing Judging Problems

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Chatman.

I think that one of the most amazing aspects of crossfit competition is that so many shapes and sizes can compete in the same event. I think that with the current trend, the best male crossfitter will always be around 5'9" 185# because that offers the greatest balance between pure strength capacity and the ability to compete at body weight movements. The bigger and smaller guys will do well in events biased to their size but the scoring rewards consistency and that will go to the median size. So far there seems to be even more size diversity in the women's field.

If you look at just about any other sport, there is a relatively narrow body type range that can be competitive. Some team sports may have further breakdowns according to position.

Most of my favourite WODs involve a couplet or triplet of movements that play to opposing strengths. Amanda is a great example with a gymnastic movement in the muscle-up paired with a barbell movement with the snatch. Watching the competition you could see a lot of people who were strong at one and weak at the other. Some guys would fly through the MUs and take for ever doing the snatch and others would struggle through the MUs and touch-and-go the snatch. Very entertaining to watch.
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