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Japan Earthquake, information needed

I know this is not crossfit related, mods feel free to remove this post if it violates any rules.

If anyone has friends or family in Japan, I hope that they are safe. Joni Owada (my sister), her husband and 4 small children are currently unaccounted for, and we are trying to get information on the extent of the damage in her area of Northern Japan. If anyone has contacts there that could help, please let me know. she lives in Kesen-gun, Iwate, Japan, which is about 80 miles north of Sendai, and Her village is only 11 miles NW of the highest waves from the Tsunami that hit Ofunato. There is also more detailed information with her home address, etc. on the Google website for Japan earthquake missing persons.

With all the military connections on this site I was hoping maybe someone knows a way to find out more information.

Thank you for your time,
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