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Re: DC's workout journal

Did another rehab (aka upper body) workout (on top of the physio band stuff I do at home)

- Low incline dumbbell press:
50's x 20 for 3 sets.
I tried doing light presses in the smyth machine for safety sake, but my chest did not like my hands being locked on a bar, so I switched back to dumbbells. Its very difficult playing around with weights I wouldn't even have warmed up with usually, I mean mentally speaking its difficult, although I'm thankful my injury wasn't worse, its still annoying not being able to really train, but i'm giving it time.

- Cybex shoulder press, facing the backpad:
130lbs x 14-5-4
It felt really good being able to over head press again, even though it was not super heavy, just mentally felt great, making me feel one step closer to being 100% again.

- Push down superset with overhead cable extension:
120lbs x 11 super set with 90lbs x 11.
I had done plenty of warm up sets prior which is another reason why I didn't do more that and the volume I got from all those reps on incline dumbbell press. Don't know why i picked this combo, but I can't do any heavy pressing so close grip bench and reverse grip bench are out, and I feel some discomfort when trying to do skullcrushers still so I figured I won't push it just yet.

- I got sick of pulldowns, so I switched to the gravitron for pull ups, as I can't hold my weight comfortably yet (pec feels like its gonna give)
80lbs of assistance (I weighed in at 222) and did 3 sets of 17-20.

- Also got tired of dumbbell rows so did cable wide rows, have to say I think I went a lil light on these, I didn't reach failure because I was being cautious of my chest, but still think I could have pushed it a lil more:

Overall things are improving nicely, another month or so from what the doc tells me before i'm back to 90-100%

I'm hoping to use this time to hopefully bring my legs and arms up, since my chest has always been big and developped fast, but cannot wait until I can train normally again. My weights and reps keep improving and i'm feeling less and less pain and stiffness (in my pec) during training, tomorrow box squats!
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