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Re: DC's workout journal

Forgot to update:
Spider barbell curls:
85lbs x 12-6-3
still not pushing it to hard on biceps, because I do feel the chest tense during part of the movement so not going max weights yet.

Leg press toe press (heel raises on leg press:
6 plates per side x 11, I like doing these with an explosive burst out of the bottom, as I do a controlled negative and a slight pause at the bottom.

- Pinwheel curls:
40's x30
These are for forearms and I was way to overcautious, i'm typically aiming to get to 18-21 range and it just felt light.

Standing leg curls:
100lbs x 11-5-3, same amount of reps for each leg, couldn't hold with arms well enough to really contract, reason why weight is lower.

- Leg press: 950lbs x 9, 770lbs x 20 (like breathing squats)

Over all this was a really good workout, for it only being less then 2 months post injury, my legs are still feeling quite strong, and really the weakness right now the healing pectoralis, everything else feels strong and secure.
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