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Re: DC's workout journal

Had a great leg day monday,

Obviously, for biceps and forearms i'm not yet able to go 100% heavy, it wasn't bad at all, I stopped short of failure on forearms and biceps, as I didn't want to push it to hard yet.

Seated DB curls:
warm- up 30's x25
warm-up 35's x 20
40's x 14-6-4, followed up by some partials when I couldn't complete proper full reps.

Hack squat heel raises:
14 plates x 16, I do these with a fairly controlled/slow negative and pause at the bottom, so as not to bounce like many do, and then explode out of the bottom.

Reverse grip cable curls: I do these while holding my wrists all the way back (trying to touch back of knuckles to forearm)
40 x 21 left arm, and 18 right arm.

Seated leg curls: I really concentrated on exploding in this one, as the hamstring is really made for that.

135 x 14-5 (very light start to cramping in lots of stretching)

Hack Squats:
warm-ed up with 450lbs, 540lbs, and working set with 610lbs x 9, seeing stars after this and my hamstrings were too tight, felt like I almost pulled one, or was about to, so I didn't do my widowmaker (20 rep squat)

All weights are in lbs.

Yesterday I did another rehab workout, same deal, and moved up in weights, I was using 40's for dumbbells, instead of 25's, instead of the 60lbs on lat pulldowns, this time I could do 105 comfortably, and I got up to 75lbs dumbbells for rows instead of 55's last week. So getting back there.
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