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Re: DC's workout journal

I'll be adding in yesterday's workout later, when I toss in today's workout.

but just wanted to add something important.

Although the end goal is hypertrophy (myofribilar/sarcoplasmic) the means to an end are the weights. someone who's put on 100lbs to their incline bench will undoubtably have a bigger chest, triceps, shoulders (if he ate to gain size) unlike many people chasing hypertrophy, with just a goal of adding 10lbs, my goal is to actually improve my lifts.

so i'll toss up some goals i'd like to reach within 1-2 years (being lax on time frame due to competitions, and possible deployment)

- i'd like to deadlift 700lbs for a single (i think I have this in me due to the fact that my 550lbs is from a while ago, and i'm only stronger now, i think at the moment i'd probably have 575+)
- Bring my work weight up to 800lbs on Rack deads (i'm hitting 675 for 7-8 with a wheelbarrow type grip so its actually 337.5 per hand, soon enough won't have any room to add weight, so i will be tossing in regular bar rack deads.
- Bring my work weight up to 315lbs on incline press, currently working with 250lbs
- flat bench 405x1-2
- Bring my work weight up to 405+ on squats
- Bring my reverse grip bench (done in smyth machine for safety) up to 315lbs for working weight.
- bring my military press up to 225lbs working weight.
- Pendlay row 315lbs for 6 (google it if you have to)
- Incline db curl 80's for working weight
- Dips (upright triceps version) myself + half my bodyweight
- Rack chins with half my bodyweight (plus bodyweight)
- Leg press 1300lbs for working weight.

That's about all the one I can think of for now, the bigger staples, or more often used exercises for myself. By working weight I mean as the weight I would use with typical rep ranges in my workout, aka not just singles.
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