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Re: DC's workout journal

Alright, felt good for this workout, as an aside, I messed my knee up this summer at work, and its not back 100% so some days I take it easy on the joint.

today was biceps + legs, so I jumped right into it.

- Cambered bar seated curls:
105lbs (on bar) x 12-5-2
wow this is a toughie, think i'm gonna stall out on this soon and will probably have to find something else to switch it with. I only go this high rep because its such a small muscle group and I go heavy on back days, as well I fell this is how i've best progressed keeping my total reps over 15.

- Hack squat heel raises:
16 plates + 25's each side x 12
Nice controlled negative, short pause so no bouncing, and REALLY concentrated on exploding out of that stretch position.

- 1-arm cable curl with rope attachment
65lbs x 20
Tried a slightly different technique which I ended up liking better, just more explosive on the positive motion, trying to FIRE, but controlled descent. this is for forearms, I do calves before purely to give my arms time to get rid of some lactic acid. Higher reps, because the grip is what fails last, and again lots of heavy work done for grip strength.

- Seated leg curl
125lbs x 15-5-3
went up from last time, but wow just powered through this like butter, to light, next time heavier. I've fooled around in the past with SLDL's and Romanian Deads, etc, but i don't find them very good for solliciting the hamstrings (I have long arms, and yes i've tried standing on boxes)

- Hack Squats, facing inside
620lbsx 7 felt good
380lbs x 20
Warmed up thoroughly on this, letting my body gradually get used to the weight I was under, almost felt like I could have MAYBE gotten another rep with 620lbs.
then the 20rep breathing squats, 380lbs x20, i'm horrible at LOTS of reps in 1 set non-stop, why so light.

thats that.

Tomorrow do some active recovery and conditionning, not to sure yet, probably check out the WOD, and maybe modify it for my purposes, stay tuned!
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