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Nia Schmald
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Starting Strength for a "fat" guy

Hi Folks,

In another thread ( I've seen suggestions that people well above desired BF levels should skip the gallon of milk while doing starting strength.

Well at 5'7"/156/20% BF I definitely fall into that category. I gain wait easily. I added 10 lbs of fat in 3 very bad days in early feb and I have only managed to lose 4lbs of that since then. I can lose weight though, as I used to be 240 lbs about 8 years ago.

And I certainly need to work on my strength above all. So my primary goal is too add strength and muscle. Secondary though important is not too blow up like a stuffed pig or be so weak from lack of food that I can't recover between workouts.

My question is if I skip the gallon of milk what should I target for daily calorie intake? Zone blocks I think has me at about 1600 calories/day. Is this sufficient while doing starting strength?

Thanks for your help,
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