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For my sledgehammer work, I like to add lots of variety.Try diagonal swings, overhead swings, and figure 8's.For the figure 8's, you stand in front of the tire with both feet parallel to each other.Initiate the swing by bringing the hammer from the left side and overhead for your first strike, as the sledge rebounds swing it to the right side and then overhead.Alternating your swings in this manner is the reason for the name "figure 8".

You can also do a heavy-light routine, which requires two hammers and the strikes are performed for "rounds" either 2 minutes or 3 minutes.Start out with your heaviest hammer and do 3 3 minute rounds with a 1-minute rest interval.After completing these three rounds, grab your lighter hammer and bang out another 3 rounds.And to give credit where credit is due, this routine is one of Ross Enamait's(the guy in the burpee demo video).

You can also alternate between sledgehammer swings and calisthenics.Burpees work real well here.Try 2 minutes of sledgehammer swings followed by 30 seconds of active rest using burpees for your active rest activity.5 rounds of this combo will bury most people(except maybe Greg Amundson).

I just recently moved up from a 12 pound sledge to a 16 pound sledge and the difference in intensity is unbelievable.After 2 minutes, I can barely lift it up to my shoulder.If sledgehammer work is your thing, I'd encourage you to get a 16.Mine was only 35 dollars at Home Depot.
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