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Re: Let's talk Airdyne!!

Airdynes/Air Bikes don't all have the same power curve so it's hard to compare. Some are easier, some are harder. They all suck. Some bikes are "easier" but take longer to accumulate calories. e.g. You get on it, blast away for 60s and only get 10 cals. Others you get on it, blast away for 60s and get 30 cals. The cost for both is not the same - the latter is actually "harder". It seems counter-intuitive that the time to accumulate calories isn't directly related to difficulty - it's probably more like running a max effort mile downhill vs max 1/4 mile uphill. Which one would you rather do and which is easier? They're both going to suck balls.

Some recent CFFB workouts.

2 pood KB Swings – 100 reps
Assault Air Bike – 75 calories
Evil Wheels – 50 reps
Partition reps as you want.

Complete 8 rounds of:

Squats – 3 reps
Assault Sprint – 45 seconds

Rest 60-75 seconds between rounds.
Load at about 80% 3RM

Complete 5 rounds:

70% of 3 RM Push Press – Max reps
60 second Assault Bike Sprint – Max Calories

I've done "Beast Helen" (is what I called it).
45 cal Airdyne
21 2pd KBS
12 C2B

You can pretty much sub it in anywhere. For 400m. C2 Row. Anything. It's just really good at smoking you.

I love it for warming up too. You can alternate arms and legs.
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