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Re: Knee Sleeves

Originally Posted by Lucas King View Post
Rehband sleeves are great, I would get the older style blue ones though. I went through two pairs of the newer version (grey) in a pretty short order. Jackals gym is the best place to get them as well.
Yep - get the old blue ones. I've had mine a couple years -- they are great (and legal in USAPL/IPF if you ever want to powerlift).

Let them air out after use - don't throw them into a closed gym bag or the trunk of your car. To wash, throw them in your washer on cold. Let them hang dry.

Originally Posted by Brian Liang View Post
There are also Tommy Kono Knee Sleeves.

I like Tommy Kono knees sleeves alot, really good to use when doing olympic lifts and squats.

However, I wouldn't use them for metacons, as your knee sweats like crazy just wearing them. So it kind of depends on what activity you are doing.
The problem I have seen with TK sleeves is that they rip pretty easily. I haven't see that issue as much with the Rehbands
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