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Lindy Hruska
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ROGUE hits it out of the park, again...

I have been a Rogue customer for several years. I've purchased bars, bumpers, bands, rollers, etc. I recently purchased a safety squat bar, and I had issues with the bumpers fitting on the bar. I've never had an issue before, and AJ from customer service sent me a return label and a new bar in less than 48 hours. the replacement bar had similar issues, but I realized that it was some extra welding "goo" that was heaped up over the edge of the sleeve. Fixed with a metal file in 30 minutes. Bill sent me an email, stating he looked at the bars in the warehouse and saw what I was talking about, then gave me a discount on the bar for my trouble.

I know that there is a thread about rude Rogue customer service floating around. But from my experience, Rogue has been receptive, prompt, and courteous. And considering it is so close to the Games, I'm sure they are spread thin.

Just wanted to give some positive feedback.
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