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Re: Anders' log

Very satisfying training today. Met up with Kræn and Erika.
After the warm up I did:

Front squats 5x3 @ 85kg/187lbs
Ring push-ups 5x12

Front squats felt really good today. I haven’t lifted that heavy 3rep front squats since a massive strength bias period last winter. Very cool to regain that strength while, at the same time, my metcons are getting better.
Ring push-ups were smooth and not too hard.

10 min rest.

For time:
Every minute on the minute do 4 burpees and complete
50 Dead lift @ 80kg/176lbs

My time was approx. 3mins 45secs.
Grip and back was fine and not that fatigued. HAMMIES WERE (AND ARE STILL) SCREAMING!

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