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Bill Betts
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Barry Sears indicates that excess protein will cause a glycemic response. This would explain why you get tired. The animal protein is likely 20% fat which help to slow absorption but too much at once is still a "slug" of protein. Your protein consumption needs to be spread out over the day. You cannot consume the days protein requirements at one sitting. The zone intends to keep your consumtion balanced throughout the day at 30/30/40 prot/fat/carb. If you fall out of the zone at any point, do not attempt to "make up" the lost food intake, but instead, ensure you next food consumption is in the zone. That will be 30/30/40 prot/fat/carb and no more than 4.5 blocks at once. Try to spread your comsumption over 5 meals with no more than 5 hours between eating.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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