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This is actually two questions, I wasn't sure whether it should go under "Exercises" or "Injuries and Medical".

I was going for a one rep max today on back squat. On my last attempt (failed, 20lbs above my prior attempt), I got stuck slightly below parallel on the concentric portion and held it for about 3 seconds before I gave up. Now my groin/inner thigh feels absolutely fried and I am concerned that I may have strained it (the feeling is pretty much equal on both legs). I looked on an anatomy site, and I think it is the adductor magnus.

So there are two questions I have: First of all, what would contribute to this injury? I think my form is usually pretty good, and I have never had any pain when squatting. But this was heavier than I have squatted with full ROM, and I noticed on the earlier attempt (a lighter weight, but still heavy) that I seemed to have my upper body leaning forward more than I normally do.

Second, what sort of injury does this sound like (if it even is an injury)? I don't have much discomfort when sitting down, but it feels like I need to stretch (and I have stretched it some, but it still feels tight).
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