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Re: Knee Pain - Horizontal tear at lateral meniscus - Surgery?

Originally Posted by Sean Rockett View Post
So the answer is no you don't need it, but what is the alternative. If this tear has no blood supply then it will not heal. If you can live with the symptoms and modify what you do to avoid pain then some people will choose that option. I have seen both I have seen pain quiet down and people return to functioning well. I have also seen tears get bigger like hang nails that get pulled on and become bigger. If the pain is bad and you have already modified what you do and tried all the other stuff out there that you have tried, then surgery is reasonable.
Thanks Dr Rockett! I have since sourced second opinions and they have also advised to delay surgery. They reckon I should build up back to full functionality in the next 5 weeks, and see how it goes.

In the meantime, I am doing some mobility exercises e.g. terminal knee extension by Kelly Starrett.

One of the PT thinks it may not be a meniscus tear (negative for all his functional tests for meniscus tear) and suspected it could be a popliteus-related or posterior-chain imbalance issue.
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