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Travis Loest
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I'm fed up with the depression, the eating ****ty, the not having energy, not sleeping well even with 7-8 hour of it. Tired of looking & feeling fat.

Doing modified Army PT in the morning (have a broken foot)
Doing WODs on M-W-F if the Monday WOD is a rest day, go back to the previous 3 day cycle and execute that for the week. Been doing it for two weeks now, hope to keep it up and get back to where I was.

Morning PT
1 mile: jog 1/4, fast walk 1/4
return mile ran at 9:36
It was the first mile I've run since I've broken my foot in December. The doc says my foot is still broken but I refuse to have a screw put in. Three in that bone is enough.

Evening Crossfit
****ty warm up, didn't do all the squats, pull ups or dips because of the workout. back to doing full GHD situps though and that rocks. People look at you funny in the gym when you do them...**** 'em.
squats as Rx'ed
Pull ups 25/20/15
ring dips 15/10/5 (from L-sit position with feet on floor)

Carrying extra weight is a *****. Eating is getting better, not great but better. Pull-ups suck and dealing with a broken foot is a total pain in the ***.
I suck...but I'm working on it.
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