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Re: CF Moms - Labor & delivery/birthing experiences?

My wife is 100#s (non-pregnant). Labor went very quick for her fr both of our childrem (no medication and not even an I.V.). She just birthed our second child (a son who was a week past his "due date" and weighed in at just about 8.5 lbs)--total time pushing was 4 pushes at 16 min. ... we didn't even get billed for a "delivery" since it was under 30 min. ... of course, she almost had our son in the parking lot ... Our first child (girl) was born "early" at 5.5 lbs and about 20 pushes and 1.5 hours.

Obviously, I can't come close to imagining what it feels like, but my wife would tell you that it feels like you are dying ... at the same time, it's easy to do. If that makes sense?

Labor at home as much as possible then hit it for the hospital--and just know that you can do this! I would never comment negatively about someone choosing to opt for pain medication, but, imwo (in my wife's opinion), you don't need it ... AND YOU CAN DO IT!

Her main source of exercise is CF, btw. ... and we eat a paleo diet, minus a cheat meal every week or so that usually takes the form of a pizza w/o cheese with potato chips smashed all over it.

And drink so much water that you have to use the restroom like twice an hour--annoying but necessary!
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