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Dan Wolfe
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Thank you for the information, support and your time in responding.

Just a few responses and observations to the posts:

I did not mean to make my situation sound so grim. I like both of my jobs and am proud that I have a great family and work hard to provide for them. Working two drastically different jobs is almost like living dual lives. My schedule makes me aware of how much time I used to waste before all of this. It has also made me develop a tough mindset. If I wasted a lot of time dwelling on the negatives of my situation, I don't think I would be able to do it. Working at night at FedEx unloading freight from planes, I have seen hundreds of people come and go over the last three years. Many of them are the victims of their own negative attitudes. It really is a case of just doing it.

I don't have a short term exit strategy. I work at FedEx for the Health Insurance and benefits so my Wife is able to stay at home with our children. When all of the kids are in school, she will go back to work. Hopefully that will end the need for me to punch two clocks. That is a few years away.

Keith's post regarding choices and balance in life was very insightful. I have often been a victim of the mindset that it does no good to work out at all if you don't do it full tilt. That is something I have to work on and one of the things that drew me to Crossfit in the first place. The workouts were brief but very effective. I was able to work out for a short time but knew I had gone as hard as I needed.

Does anyone out there have much experiance following weekend only workouts? My night job is physically demanding and I have been taking breaks during the weekdays to do bodyweight exercises. If I lift and do workouts on the weekends does it make sense to have it be more structured because of the lapse of time between workouts? I understand that varying the stress on the body by doing diffrenet workouts is a principle of crossfit but I wonder if I need to stay to a more structured program on the weekends.

With regard to supplements- I take a Multi, C,E,CoQ10,B complex, L-Carnitine, Acetyl L-carintine, magnesium, Flax/Borage/Fish oil combo, Calcium, chromium and drink a lot of green tea. On some desperate occasions when I am running on 2 or 3 hours of sleep, I may take one of the "natural herbal energy enhancers" but I don't make it a habit.

I do have the luxury of having my law office in a seperate building on my property. My workout stuff is there too. I think I will start doing some brief heavy lifting during the weekdays in addition to some bodyweight exercises.

My main quandry is figuring out what is the most effective- and realistic- workout program for the weekend. Should I just pick two of the week's WOD and do them or should I rotate through some of the standard workouts so that I have more consistency?


Any examples of a high metabolic workout to lower Cortisol levels? Any sources of information to look at?

Thanks again to all of you for your time and input. I'm glad I posted!

Dan Wolfe

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