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Let me expand on this topic a little more. I was having an interesting conversation with Lani from Crossfit and she reminded me that crossfit is a program for "Elite" athletes, the beauty of which is that it can and should be adapted to everybody. I train with some elite athletes and I train "like" some elite athletes, but the differences are obvious in terms of the performance.

When Dan, Ron and I went to law school and got jobs we made a choice that being an "Elite" athlete was not the top priority. When you add second jobs and families on top of that the priorities again shift and push "elite" athlete further down the list. That doesn't mean we can't be competitive and can't train hard and follow the protocol to the best of our abilities it means that when we have a choice between power rings and health insurance, health insurance wins.

Following the crossfit prescription of WODs, and zone diets and 3 days on 1 day off, and building your home gym is great and in an ideal world if you are seeking "elite" athleticism that is a great model to follow. For those of us that work 2 jobs and have other obligations, we can and should take it down a couple of notches. Maybe Workout of the Day becomes workout of the Week. That's not a crime. No you won't get the same results but you will get results. So maybe you can't follow the same calendar as everyone else. So what? The kind of mentality that draws many people to this program is also the mentality that is an all or nothing mentality. If I can't do it as prescribed, then screw it! However, that's just silly. If crossfit is really as good as it claims to be, then you should still make gains even if your schedule forces you to just do WODs on the weekends. It's not ideal, but then again, some of us aren't ideal athletes. We are just regular guys trying to find a way to get better.

You can still make some time here and there to do fun and challenging workouts. You can still work on fun bodyweight exercises. Maybe you can start going to gymnastics classes with your kids. Or maybe you need to just build yourself a small workout room where you can get away from everyone and have some time to just bang out some heavy lifts to releave the stress of it all.

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