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Not much you can do when Larry hits it out of the park!!
My question is, what kind of suppliments are you taking to "keep you going?" My concern would be getting caught up in the "effects" of the suppliments when a good diet may do the trick, and do it even better.
If you are supplimenting outside of a good multi-vit and some fish oil, I'd be concerned.
I feel for your situation as a father of 4, also an attorney (practice out of the home, and very few cases), and a full time teacher/athletic director/coach, I'm pretty busy. I like the fat that you find time to spend with the kids each day. My dad worked himself into an early grave (39) and all I remember of him is coming home and passing out from exhaustion!
Follow Larry's advice and workout during the day, at the office. If you can, squeeze in a WOD; especially a high metabolic one. Good for lowering cortisol levels that you're likely building up with the hectic schedule.
As for those weekends, pick 2 WOD's that work areas of weakness or chippers that work everything. Then, go home and chase the kids around the house for extra cardio!
Good luck!! The board is here when you need us, so use it often when despair or boredom set in!!
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