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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Hello friends,

Haven't been here for ages but always think about all of you "Masters"
It is great to see alot of familiar faces still posting their progress and encouraging others.
As for me I have been so busy with Ministry commitments and "wesseling" with the grandkids (along with 4-5 days of Crossfit and a running) that i haven't been able to get to the boards very often.

The good report is I made a MAJOR GOAL this last year that "I would not get hurt" doing silly stuff and I succeeded!!--My wrist injury two years ago is now healed about 90% (still can't hold a false grip on the the rings) my shoulder separation is healed 100% and I have been concentrating on upper body strength and shoulder mobility and it is paying off big time (Patience is a virtue)
I was determined to again compete in the Masters division 60+ this year and Friday managed to get 146 total reps in 13.1 (goal was to make it to the 3rd round) fell a little short but was excite to be able to only get beat by (2) of our young ladies and only one of them was "Pregnant"
Today is rest day and wishing all of you great success in all that your are doing

Be Blessed!

Tim R
Chaplain Tim M/60+/5-8.5/180 CFBD 9/2/09 " I Never complain about growing old, too many will never get to"
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