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You got my pommel horse and P bars! I agree with you in general about the martial arts and that more people are interested in fitness than the martial arts. In my case I think their is real synergy between RBMA and CrossFit. When I started offering CF classes I had alot of the Krav Maga students jump into the class. I don't think I had any of our traditional students sign up. On the other side we are now getting interest from people who came in for the CF classes and are now signing up and bringing their family to Krav Maga. (Not to ramble, but we are in a very small community outside of San Diego and we are consistantly having classes of 30-35 in KM and 20-25 in CF.) As stated juggling the prime timeslots can be tough. One thing we have been trying and finding works well is offering a CF class at the same time as our kickboxing. The people who want to do CrossFit come in a little early and warm up. I assgin them the WOD and when Kickboxing starts they do the workout while the kickboxers warmup. When they are done they jump into the kickboxing class if they want or head home. Too avoid the two "cultures" clashing, sometimes I have the kickboxers warm up outside and sometimes the CrossFitters do the WOD outside. If you want to talk more about this give me a call.
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