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I wrote to the NY Times after reading their article. In case they change my letter, here's a copy of the original. The opinions I expressed were my own and were not intended to speak for all of CrossFit, since I cannot.
Here it is,
"Letter to the Editor:

Thank you for being bold enough to put an aticle about CrossFit in the NY Times.
Ms. Cooperman's article, though somewhat innaccurate, at least opened up discussion on the subject.
I will not comment for the entire, however, as founder of CrossFit Gulf Coast my comments are from my own insights.
Those who venture to write about this type of training really need to try it first; then their comments have more validity.
I have a local journalist who is going to train at my facility, CrossFit Gulf Coast, then write her story from "the inside".
I will make that same offer to Ms. Cooperman or any other journalist you'd like to send to sunny Florida during the winter. Come and try us out (no charge for the training, of course). Then you might gain a lot of new readers instead of alienating thousands. I look forward to your reply.

Move with strength,
Frank DiMeo, NSCA-CPT
CrossFit Gulf Coast"
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