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Re: Leg Weakness

I would suggest, if you can, starting to work on pistols. You'll see diffences in reps if one leg is dominant over the other.

Also, take your reps slower. If there's a mirror around make sure you're balancing it right. You will have to think about this for every rep -- not something you want to do but it's something that is fixable if you do.

I'm actually coming off some of the same thing in which I (1) badly sprained my left ankle and overcompensated with my right side. This lead to (2) overuse in my right knee which got acutely aggravated with a patellar ligament injury leading to compensation with my mostly healed left side. So right now I'm just trying to get my right knee up to par and fix my movement patterns. It's HARD work, but be mindful everytime you do exercise and it will come back up.
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