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Re: would you believe??

Originally Posted by Zach Schul View Post
Carbs yes. High fat/low carb is not a miracle diet. It help people lose weight in the short term IF they have a healthy metabolism. Putting someone who has health issues on a low carb diet with no refeeds and high intensity training is a recipe for disaster. Its a fact that carbs are your bodies energy source, they are not the devil and you can certainly eat them and achieve weight loss.
I wonder..... I already ate "low carb" with my "starvation diet" ;-) but the problem was, that the general intake was too little. In a sports clinic they told me to eat much more carbs.... what I did. The result was, that I was craving for sweet stuff and certainly this isn't a healthy outcome of high carbs. So I didn't consider them anymore..... or just on such a cheat meal.

Besides that I am not loosing any weight I don't have any other health issues. No high blood pressure, no whatsoever. I have learned a lot these past months and maybe I just need some more patience. I had also my metabolic rate checked and it was quite high (for someone like me)...i.e. it was about 1920 kcal (resting metabolic rate).... so that's why they told me I should eat around 2000 kcal. At the beginning I was measuring my food. But I'm not doing that anymore. I eat more or less the same quantities... and I finally started to listen to my body (a huge achievement after a lifetime on diet!) and I eat, when I am hungry and I don't when I am not. Before that, I ate, when my plan said to do so.... So therefore now I am on a more natural approach of the whole thing. Maybe it just needs some more time to see any changes. My goal for my holidays is not to gain any weight and afterwards I'll start over again. I know from other people at my gym, that even with following 70% of paleo they lost quite a significant amount of weight.... and I was just curious to hear, if any other had heard of such a case ;-)

Besides the cheat meals I know that I can stick to it quite consequently. So I was not cheating all the time and there should have been some results.... strange enough... Well.... I know my whole health, mobility and strength improved.... and I'll take this last milestone too.

Thanks & Cheers
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