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Question How to tailor my diet to drop a couple % of body fat?

Hey guys,

I'm typically an ectomorph, I was 70kg (5"10) when I started CrossFit 2 years ago and I'm now 85kg. I find it very hard to gain weight, but the combination of hard training and a good diet has helped me to reach my goal weight. My only concern now is that I'm not 'shredded', I've got visible abs (I'm about 15% BF), but they're not as defined as I would like them to be and I'm carrying a bit too much gut on my lower stomach. My concern is that I don't want to impact on my training / recovery by 'dieting' and would prefer to address the situation by analysing what I'm currently doing and how it could be better etc.

Here's my diet on a training day
I currently follow Competitors Training (3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off)

0800: 1 x ON Multivitamins + 2 x L'Canitine Tablets
Protein Smoothie - 2x 25ml scoop Reflex Instant Whey Pro, 1 Banana, handful of frozen blueberries, 400ml of full fat milk, large spoon of peanut butter & 5ml scoop of MP Nutri Greens

500ml of water and a green tea

1030: 3 x Hard Boiled Eggs and an apple

500ml of water

1300: 2 x Thin Turkey Steaks, 1 avocado, salad leaves, carrot batons, chopped peppers, cucumber and tomato with full fat coleslaw.

500ml of water

1545: 2 x 25ml scoops of Reflex Instant Whey Pro with water, 5g of Beta Alanine, 10g of Glutamine, 10g of BCAA and 3g of Taurine

2 x Creatine Ethly Esther Tablets

1715: Training

500-1,000ml of water

Post-workout: 2 x Creatine Ethly Esther Tablets
2 x 25ml scoops of Reflex Instant Whey Pro with water, 5g of Beta Alanine, 10g of Glutamine, 10g of BCAA, 3g of electrolyte powder and 2x 35g of maltodextrin electrolyte

2100: Steak, sweet potato fries and steamed kale

500ml of water with a peppermint/nettle tea

2330: 50g of Reflex Mscellar Casein with 50ml of coconut water, 250ml of coconut milk and 10g of glutamine.

0000: 2 x ON Multivitamin, 2 x Cod Liver Oil (1000mg), 2 x Vitamin D3, 1 x Glucosamine and 3x ZMA

Based on the above, the diet is already pretty strict but I have enough discipline to tailor it if required. A lot of people have pointed out that I have a very high fat diet, which I switched to this year following some reading on the Bulletproof Exec etc. I find it helps with recovery and with size. I also have a little bit too much protein powder and could look at substituting it if required. I used to eat Greek Yoghurt at night time, but I find that if I eat too much dairy it can upset my stomach a bit and lead to bloating.

Any comments will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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