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Re: CrossFit Mom Log

Little behind posting, but have been doing the workouts. Today did 4 rounds 35# hang squat clean and 3 sets of 10 jumping pullups. My grip and forearms were toast. Next time I'll up the weight on the cleans and maybe scale back on the pull-up reps but try to do more unassisted. Time was 13:51.

My kipping pull-ups are coming along thanks to the CFWU. I can do 12 now, and keep improving by two to three every week. My husband now sees the benefits of the kip and is trying to learn. It seems like the movement would help swimmers using the dolphin kick.

CFE workouts have been brutal. I was doing them Tuesdays and Thursdays but am now going to do the running Tues and Sat. An extra couple days between CFE will help recovery and I'll feel less pressure to squeeze doubles in during the week. I know, some would say just work the CFE into CrossFit rest days, but I respond better when I follow the three-on, one-off routine. At this point I can't imagine doing 3 CFE workouts per week along with the WODs, but I'm pretty new so we'll see how I feel a few months from now.
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