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David Swanson
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I've seen various conflicting advice and I'm coming here to see what you guys/gals think.

Should one mix their martial art training with high intensity circuits? I've heard that you should leave the exercise conditioning elements till after the skill based workout. For the most part I train skill before hand but usually do a circuit that looks like this:

3-4 Rounds of:
3Min on Heavy Bag (These alternate sometimes working only power punching and kicking, just kicking, complex combinations, or evasive footwork and retreating while striking)
20 75kilo bearhug clean to alternating shoulder sandbag lift (awful desription: basically pick up the bag in a bearhug position and then power clean it to one should, put back in bearhug and put to other shoulder)
20 pound medicine ball twist slams against the heavy bag, 10 each side.
10 40 pound squat thrusts (one forty pound dumbbell do ten reps each side.

This usually has me sucking wind and my breaks between the bag round and the circuit are usually enough time to put on some gloves and grab a sip of water. I go as close to full intensity as I can.

Now, should I do the rounds on the mixed workout, because I like to train as tired as possible as it makes things much, much more difficult, or leave the circuit till after the bag rounds?

Any thoughts? experiences?
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