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Re: 11.4 Any guesses?

Originally Posted by Bryan Kemper View Post
Easy fix....clock starts when weight of any type is placed on bar. Warm up are considered attempts.
Of course, this would require a bit of integrity....
Not to beat a dead horse, but my point is unless you're at an affiliate, you can't know what a guy or gal did prior to the camera being set to record. As such, you can't reasonably set an online rule that calls on intergrity. Not just for the ones that don't have it doing the WOD, but for those keyboard warriors that cry fowl at every little thing. At regionals or the finals, then no problem.

As for incorporating some type of pure strength WOD, everyone's posting some good ideas. I like having 3 lifts such as the CFT cause you get good breakout with total scores. However, I think there has to be a fatique element so that stronger guys like me that are lacking in many other areas don't dominate.

I posted it before, but basically an athlete has 5 minutes do 50 reps at a weight of his choice, he then has the remaining time to attempt a 1rm but is limited to a max of twice the weight he used during the 50 reps. Ex: He puts 150# on bar, does 50 reps of squats in 3 minutes, he then has 2 minutes left to do a 1rm up to 300#. Allow a minute rest then repeat with deadlift and press. There's some other rules covering reducing the weight or not getting 50 reps. Also helps since the reps are tied to a weight which can be the score if at least 30 but not 50 reps are completed. Some major planning on weight scheme will be needed for such a WOD.

Personally, so long as there's something that's used to fatique the athlete, then 1rm are cool. We saw the problem in '09 when there was a 90 minute recovery time prior to the deadlift, whereas the long helen was connected straight to the overhead press in '10.

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