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Re: Athletic cheat, or ???

Originally Posted by John Stone View Post
Age != gender?

The primary difference in the two examples: one can not choose to not get older, but one can choose to take steroidal hormone treatment.

I see this as essentially wiping out women's competition. If men are allowed to compete vs women, why bother having different competitions at all? Just force all the women to qualify vs the men -- that is what appears to be happening anyway. It is discriminatory vs women, but apparently in our PC world that is OK?
Yeah, that's why I said it goes one way: A female can compete in the men's competition but a male cannot compete in a female's competition. It's the woman that chooses whether to compete in the more difficult men's division or stay in the female division.

Does anyone else think that's fair? We have Women and Masters divisions so that more people can have an opportunity to display their talents. That's cool. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with letting people compete in a more difficult division (Men's division in CrossFit Game's case).

But yeah, depending on the sport (mostly all of them), men should not be allowed to compete against women. Just don't use that thinking to prevent women from competing against men.
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