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My current PR's

Want to keep my PR's on a special thread. Will update when new PR's are hit.

Current stats: 6"/ BW 220-230#

Deadlift: 200kg/440#

Shoulder Press: 60kg/132# Really need to work on this.

Back squat: 155kg/341# Good solid lift and even got a picture of it on the CFgames website

Front squat: 110kg/242# Need to work on this also.

OHS: 85kg/187#

Power clean: 95kg/209#
PC & Jerk: 90kg/198#

Bench Press: 90kg/198# Need to work on this alot also and I'm currently starting to mix in BP 1-2x a week. Need to get to BW atleast

2km row: 6:56 mins

Crossfit total: 913#

That's about it for now.
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