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Re: From Rower to Crossfitter... Marissa's Workout Log

So yesterday I was going to go to spinning, but I had a last minute tennis match scheduled for this morning and I wasn't feeling all that confident about it so I went down and played with my dad for an hour and a half instead. That went well, I actually beat my dad in a few games, which rarely happens, so we'll see how this morning goes...

Here's this morning's workout:
Warmup: 3 rounds of
10 squats
10 situps
10 pullups (did them all with the lightest resistance band!)
10 dips

Front Squat: 5x5
This was my first time doing front squat in several years and when we did them in college, we did them on a smith machine, so I suppose I've never really done a *real* front squat...
2x85lbs (dumped the bar about 1/3 of the way back up...)

7 rounds of:
7 burpees
7 squats
Time: 6:36. Now on the surface this looks like it wouldn't be so bad, but by round 2 we were joking about how it really sucks when doing squats is the "lighter" part of the WOD.

Now I have 20 more minutes to rest before my tennis match...
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