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Re: 1 Month of Starting Strength...Stronger than ever before.

Originally Posted by Brian Dolan View Post
Hey Brent, great job! Where do you work out? I'm in the West Palm area, actually I live in Stuart but I'm a West Palm Firefighter and grew up in the city. I'm the opposite from you, I'm a huge (literally - right now I'm about 265) believer in Crossfit, and while I'm pretty strong, I've gotten stronger since really subscribing to CF. More importantly for me, my endurance is greatly improved and I've also managed to drop around 15 lbs so far!

Let me know how it goes for you. Are you planning to join an affiliate? I may call BGI in the future, but for now I'll stick to Golds.

Later, bro!
I'm living on Singer Island, I train at the LA Fitness on PGA@Turnpike. It's globo, but it works for me, for now.

Before I started SS I did a month of CF at BGI south. Great people. Even if you don't join, I'd recommend just going there to hang out with them and checking out their setup, it's pretty awesome.

A year ago this week I weighed 157 lbs. It's pretty nuts that I weigh 40 pounds more (granted I'm about twice as strong over every muscle group).

I think my ideal weight is probably in the 180 lbs but I don't care. I'll keep adding mass until my lifts stop increasing.

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