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Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Sweet garage. Mine looks like a scene from Wall-e compared to yours.

I usually work out from 0915-1100-ish. My time is mostly dictated by kids school schedules, etc. I work out on Ft Stewart at the main gym there (free). They have 2 C2 rowers, one of which has stripped gear teeth and they refuse to fix it. They have k-bells and med balls (but not dynamax). The pull up bars are part of a crossover machine and strangly enough I find it easier to knock out 20 kipping pull ups on them (they have rubberized grips) than on my static bars at home. I built a 4x4/galvanized pipe rig in the back yard that includes 2 pull up stations, a situp station and a dip station. I have a C2, a 12lb dynamax, a 35lb k-bell, buddy lee speed rope, and rouge fitness rings. My next purchase should be some bumper plates. And running, well, I live in southern GA. Mostly nice enough year round.
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