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Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

In re your workouts: Animals!!!

I'm at home now. Of course, trying to get rest at home is next to impossible.

What time of day do you all usually workout? I prefer mornings but usually don't get time until late afternoon, sometimes early evenings.

Do you workout at a CF affiliate, globo, home?

Usually, I work out here at home. I have been slowly building up my garage gym. Just got it to where I can do a good many of the WODs here at home. Our squadron also has PT 3 times a week, but the base gym is ill equipped for CF WODs.

Equipment to date: C2 rower, squat/bench rack, bench, Pendlay Econ. bar, a selection of bumper plates and a few iron plates, Iron Woody fractional plates, a small collection of dumb bells, Stud Bat pull up bar, Iron Woody bands (light, med, heavy), rings, Ab Mat, 10lb Nike medicine ball, basket ball back board (for wall ball shots), a length of PVC pipe, another PVC filled with rebar and sand, speed rope (jump rope).

Personal equipment: New Balance running shoes, high top Chuck Taylor Converse (for wt lifting), wrist straps (used when I first injured my discs and I had trouble gripping stuff)

Running: Iowa country roads. Nice rolling hills, lots of wind (always fighting one or the other or both).

Next items on list: woman's 15kg bar for the Mrs, GHD (http://www.christiansfitnessfactory....-Developer-GHD) WFS, running flats (Mizuno Wave Universe 2 or Asics Piranha or Nike Zoom Forever)

Further down the list: 20lb Wall Ball, kettlebells
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