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Mr Hulk,

Please ignore the spot reduction nay-sayers above!!!

For the first picture, try bicep preacher curls. Make sure that you isolate the muscle. Compound movements are terrible for spot reduction!!

For the second picture, the best way to lose lower abdominal fat is crunches. I prescribe three sets of 100 for best results.
Note: DO NOT do a full situp. They are dangerous and hurt your back. Also they are compound movements and thus USELESS for your abs.

For the final pictures, I think some slow cardio might be best. Try walking on a treadmill an hour a day. Don't go too fast! Anything above a brisk walk will get you outside of the `fat burning zone' (google it), and that would be very bad!! High intensity exercise is dangerous, so don't push yourself.

For the green skin issues, you might want to see your doctor.

Regards, and good luck!

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