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Re: Official Thread - Post Here!

the basic idea behind LogsItAll was to set up a flexible online logbook that would be useful to record the diverse collection of workouts that CF entails then use these workouts to generate an online ranking.

since my day job consists of running the (rowing ranking and logbook) so i thought this would be pretty easy. i was wrong.

with a great deal of help from George and others we've built up a pretty good very basic online logbook for all CF workouts - i've been steadily building up the standings / rankings pages - and have a long list of 'to dos'.

The flexibility of the log means that i can act pretty quickly to add features and in particular data to log. as an example i've got on deck a suggestion to allow recording of personal stats (bodyweight, resting HR, etc.).

Instructions for using the log are as follows:

1. create a profile by registering at - record your password
2. log on and then navigate to your logbook.
3. To begin select an activity - you'll see a long list of available ones (to restrict this list to only CF related ones, click on 'edit list of activities' to hide the ones you aren't going to use).
4. each activity has a list of sub-activities (named workouts, daily workouts, etc.)
5. enter as few or as many workouts as you like. The system will automatically select your best times for entry onto the standings page.
6. if you wish to use the log purely for personal reasons, you can opt out of having your times included on the standings page by looking under the profile panel and selecting 'edit profile'.
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