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Re: Working with injuries, what can I do?

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
You seem to be suffering from several overuse/push to hard type injuries so maybe it is time to take a hard look at your approach and beliefs around exercise?

Broken is not part of the definition of fit.

When the Thread Title is "Working with Injuries...," it's pretty straight forward what is most likely your root problem. It ain't physical, it's mental. You shouldn't be asking, "what can I do?," you should instead by asking, "what SHOULD I do?" Your question by itself is asking how to continue hurting yourself, rather than asking how to quit hurting yourself. 180degrees in the wrong direction.

There is a difference between "being hurt" and "hurting," and an athlete really needs to be able to be self aware and honest with themselves about when they are "hurt." It sounds like you're not properly rehabbing your injuries, and/or you are over-training in the same way and refusing to listen to your body as it tries to tell you NOT to keep doing the things you do that are hurting it.
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