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Re: Prescribed vs. scale/ strength vs. cardio

I'm curious about your current routine. How many WOD's are you doing per week? What, if any, work are you doing besides the WOD's to work on your wind?

Looking at that workout, there is really no rest. 135 may seem light for the dead lifts, and maybe even for the sumos, but there is NO rest in that WOD. That is where pacing becomes important. You can't get ahead of your wind or it is very difficult to recover.

Tell us a little bit about your 74 minute Murph. How do you break up the sets? I did 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats for 20 rounds. Did you do all 100 pull-ups first? What were your run times? What took the longest?

I have found that there are somedays where I probably **could** do the prescribed weight, but it might take forever. In these chases, I split it up 50/50. Half the time I do the RX weight and just do it slower. The other half I do a lighter weight but try and really sprint through it. It should be one or the other I think.

Also, I suffered from many of the same problems until I worked up to 5 days a week. Since then, I've really improved a lot.

Good luck!
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